Packaging Prepress


A Hands-On Approach
Doesn’t Mean Pressing a Button. 

Our reputation as the Midwest’s premier brand steward dates back to 1949, when we were founded on an uncompromising commitment to helping brands maintain their high standards. Back then, it was less about the technology than it was about know-how. It took an eye for detail and a handcrafted touch. Today, technology has changed, but our relentless attention to detail and quality hasn’t. While we keep adding newer and more advanced technologies in lithography, flexography, corrugated and large format printing, we’ve remained true to our original demand for handcrafted perfection.


The Color of Perfection

In today’s international marketplace, where brands are sourced all over the world, uniform printing standards have never been so critical.

Our precise global color management system is one way we guarantee that your brand’s high standards will be maintained. It’s integral to everything we do…from lithographic and flexographic prepress solutions to corrugated and large-format printing. It’s even an important part of our custom design services and workflow tools. You work hard to get a brand to market. We’ll work hard to make sure it gets there right…the first time.

Art Production

Our production designers are just one more example of how we blend technology and craftsmanship to give you seamless, turnkey solutions. It’s where cutting-edge technology and human artistry really converge. We can help clients bring their brands to life at virtually any stage. From simple type changes and graphic tweaks to complete art direction and layout design, our award-winning designers can take your project from conception to production, using the latest in graphics technology.

If you’re just starting a project and need a logo, package design, or prototypes to help bring your idea to life, our Creative Lab can help make that happen. Click the button below to learn more!



Moving and manipulating large digital files takes muscle, and we’ve got plenty of technological brawn to do it with ease. With the latest computer technology and streamlined integrated systems, we offer a variety of output formats to match any budget. Our integrated systems help us meet virtually any printer’s specification accurately and on time, whether your job is local or global in scope. Through it all, our eye for perfection guarantees your job will exceed every expectation.


Our flexography capabilities are backed by the most advanced technologies, but they’re rooted in human attention to detail. Integrated computers, software and state-of-the-art flexographic equipment allow us to meet any packaging need. We deliver conventional and digital photopolymer plates up to 52” x 80”. Because not all projects require the same production and prepress disciplines, our team of experts personally make sure your project receives the specific attention it needs in every stage.


Like other printing technologies, corrugated printing continues to rapidly evolve, and so have we. Working closely with flexographic plate suppliers and industry innovators, we continually push the leading edges of corrugated possibilities. We offer an astounding range of materials and sizes – including sheet and liquid photopolymer – so finding the perfect option for any project is easy. And thanks to the latest in plate mounting technology, we can offer a new level of precision in registration, guaranteeing consistent repeatability you can depend on.


Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword with us. We’ve always worked hard to sustain human expertise in an era of technology, while also sustaining a positive environment for our people. We value, too, the importance of sustaining our environment.

That’s why we continually research and implement newer, more effective methods for reducing, reusing and recycling our materials. It’s also why we advocate sustainability practices with our partners…offering materials tracking, eLean and workflow efficiencies. Because being better environmental stewards makes us better brand stewards, not just for your brand, but for ours as well.

Digital Workflow Solutions

Time is money, and when you’re saving one you’re usually gaining the other. That’s why many of our clients rely on our integrated digital workflow solutions. Not only can we show you ways to get your product to market faster, we can help you improve efficiencies throughout the entire process. From web-based digital asset management and collaborative online proofing to job tracking and reporting, our comprehensive knowledge of the supply chain and cutting-edge technologies will help you get your brand to market faster.


Here’s what our customers say…

“They are truly an extension of our department and considered part of the family.”

Hallmark Marketing Studio

Kansas City, MO

“Their customer service department is remarkable; response time on quotes is very prompt and complete.”

Bennett Packaging

Lee’s Summit, MO